The future’s bright, the future’s OpenEdge

Ok so maybe the title isn’t original, and yes it does take a certain liberal attitude with a famous advertising strap line, but these are indeed exciting times for OpenEdge and the future is not just bright but dazzling!!

I’ve just spent the past two days giving presentations to some local user groups, yes I will admit the only things I knew about Wisconsin before I arrived were to do with Cheese and ‘That ’70s Show’ and on leaving, other than how friendly the people are, that’s about all I still know, the buzz currently around OpenEdge is however palpable.

Coming off the back of a successful Exchange Online (check out other posts to read all about it) and the major initiatives around OpenEdge 11, Progress Arcade and OpenEdge BPM there is a whole lot going on in the OpenEdge world right now.

Each of these initiatives would be big news in and of themselves, but to be delivering on all 3 in the not too distant future is mind boggling to say the least. So OpenEdge people, it’s time to be proud once more, OpenEdge is on the march, and yes the future is indeed very bright.

Mike Ormerod

Mike Ormerod

Director, Application Platforms Product Management at Progress Software
Mike Ormerod


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Mike Ormerod
Mike Ormerod

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